• The Stihl MS 170 is an effective entry-level chainsaw for both professional and domestic users. It can be used for most home gardening needs such as cutting smaller trees, maintaining shrubs and bushes, cutting firewood and various sawing work.  This chainsaw puts ease of use to the forefront with its compact and lightweight design enabling users to work for longer without experiencing fatigue. The machine has a total weight of 4.2 kg including the bar and chain. Stihl’s own anti-vibration system reduces the number of fluctuations reaching the handles for a more comfortable grip, and there is minimal kickback due to the 3/8” pmmc3 chain pitch.

    Featuring a dependable 2 stroke, air-cooled petrol engine with a displacement of 30.1cc, the Stihl MS170 incorporates reduced-emission engine technology which reduces the amount of fuel loss, allows for more energy production, and reduces exhaust discharge making it compliant with the EU 11 exhaust emission standards for power tools. It has an energy output of 1.2KW. Motor function is kept at a constant level due to the compensator which keeps the correct air-fuel ratio when the filter becomes clogged.

    The ematic chain lubrication system provides maximum oiling of the saw chain links and the guide bar rails, safeguarding them against wear over time, and reducing oil consumption keeping the saw cutting efficiently for longer. The added lubrication can decrease the amount of oil consumed by the bar by up to 50%.

    A convenient single-lever master control makes it so that all essential functions such as start, choke, throttle and stop are easily and quickly accessible with the one lever. The Stihl MS170 comes equipped with a 12-inch guide bar. It also features an easy recoil start and a safety chain brake, which coupled with the reduced kickback provided by the anti-vibration process makes this saw a safer choice. For ease of maintenance, there is a side-access chain tensioner, and the shroud is one single removable piece.

    The MS170 is lightweight, efficient, easy to use and easy to maintain. It lends itself well to many general garden situations, and its convenience and great price make it a perfect addition for the weekender and the experienced professional alike.